Meadow is an innovative tool turning YouTube suggestions into a carefully designed journey, precisely in accordance with your likes and tastes and help you explore customized content like never before.



Website Design


Project overview

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform in the world, with millions of people watching videos every day in a variety of genres. However, users sometimes have trouble locating content that fits their specific tastes despite Youtube’s vast options. Meadow was created as a solution to this problem, giving users a unique experience when searching and exploring content on YouTube. By using sophisticated algorithms and user preferences, Meadow allows its users to create watch breaks and personalized suggestions that match each person’s interests and viewing patterns. This case study delves into how Meadow website was developed, its various features and the advantages it brings, showcasing how it could change the way users interact with online videos.


Problem statement

The current YouTube recommendation algorithm is unable to offer custom recommendations to particular audiences. Techstack Digital’s team was faced with the challenge of designing their website in a more personalized and engaging manner. As finding educational content for young viewers or students is also a difficult task. while repeated or irrelevant content takes away the overall viewing experience making it harder to find fresh and interesting content. An approach to customize YouTube recommendations to each user’s individual interests and preferences is obviously needed in order to improve browsing and increase platform engagement.

  • Low user engagement
  • Dull user interface


Action plan

We conducted comprehensive study and analysis as our first step for designing Meadow website. We examined YouTube’s current recommendation algorithm in-depth to learn about its weaknesses and strengths. We defined Meadow’s goals, with an emphasis on boosting content discovery, increasing engagement and improving user experience. We worked on ads and suggestion features to improve content for viewers. Learning content, educational videos and also personalized content was the primary objective of our project. To guarantee Meadow’s usability, performance and functioning on various devices and browsers was carried out through rigorous testing and quality assurance while designing the overall website with high-fidelity design that boosted their sign up goals. 

  • Highly attractive design
  • Personalized content suggestion
  • Improved user engagement
  • UI testing

Main colors



Hex #EE2737



Hex #EE2737

Logo concepts


The result

The YouTube experience has been greatly enhanced by our team’s effort for Meadow. Users were able to access more relevant content with more effectiveness thanks to the customized recommendation structure. The implementation of Meadow developed a trust where consumers and content creators benefited equally. The success of Meadow highlights the significance of our design expertise for customizing recommendation systems that enhanced the YouTube video viewing experience and optimized consumer satisfaction.

  • User engagement
  • Viewer satisfaction
  • Trust building
  • Easy Content discovery

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