Elskerning is a dynamic company that is committed to changing the way people select their electricity suppliers. It was founded on the idea that customers should have the freedom to make sensible choices about their energy use. Our group of motivated developers, energy specialists, and customer representatives joined together with the intention of streamlining the process of evaluating electricity suppliers 



Website Design


Project overview

Consumers are actively looking for solutions to lower electricity costs while also choosing renewable energy sources. It results in growing concerns about environmental sustainability and rising energy costs. Elskerning provides an easy comparison of the prices and services offered by different electricity companies in the market. This case study looks at the development of the website design that aimed to make the navigation of comparing affordable electricity providers simple and intuitive for customers to make wise selections. 


Problem statement

The initial idea for the website was derived from the difficulties clients were having trouble  finding affordable electricity. Traditional methods of comparing, such as calling each firm or visiting many websites, were confusing and time-consuming because of the range of plans and price structures. Another complication comes due to the increased focus on sustainability, as customers look for affordable, environmentally friendly solutions. A user-friendly website that makes it easy to compare electricity providers transparently and thoroughly using sustainability and cost-effectiveness measures was desperately needed. This need was identified by a group of engineers, energy experts, and consumers, who worked together to develop an accessible website to assist in comparing electricity companies. Elskerning’s concern was authentic related to consumers and there they contacted our team.
Main Concerns:

  • Lack of user-engagement
  • Complex navigation


Our solution

We redesigned the Elskerning website specifically to streamline the navigation of compiled data, such as prices, terms of contracts and alternative energy source choices. Our goal was to provide a user-friendly interface so consumers quickly input their location and energy consumption to get customized recommendations. We offered customers instructional resources to help in grasping significant concepts including contract terms and per-hour prices. Our team was indulged in the project to offer customers the information they need to make choices respective to both the environment and their budgetary constraints.

Style guide

Typography and colors

Main colors



Hex #EE2737



Hex #0D2234​

Primary: Red






Hex #F4989C


Hex #EB6E75


Hex #F74953


Hex #FD3238


Hex #EE2737


Hex #DC1A31


Hex #CF0E2A


Hex #C1001D



The result

The case study demonstrates how customers can feel empowered by technology to make financially sustainable decisions when purchasing electricity. Elskerning’s website serves as an example of how innovation may create good change in the energy industry by

  • Helping customers and the environment at large
  • Giving competitive price analysis
  • Supporting sustainability
  • Offering transparency.

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