Eat Fit Food

A nutritious diet might be difficult to maintain while considering convenience as well as long-term viability. Recognizing this difficulty, Eat Fit Food sought to develop a platform that would enable consumers to adopt better lifestyles without sacrificing accessibility or sustainability. 



Website Design


Project overview

Eat Fit Food aims to transform individuals’ approach to their health and wellness journey, making it accessible for everyone, with a commitment to well-being. Techstack Digital’s objective was to create a user-friendly platform that would offer nutritional advice, encourage sustainable behaviors, and ensure accessibility for people with different requirements. Customers will be empowered to make sustainable choices by the platform’s inclusive features, eco-friendly resources, and personalized nutrition procedures. This case study explores how Techstack Digital’s team was able to deliver innovative solutions for their website that managed to gain significant outcomes.


Problem statement

With the increasing number of health-conscious enthusiasts, finding healthy food alternatives, getting nutritional needs, and navigating comprehensive systems, our client’s website was in need of an inclusive solution. Our team was faced with the challenge of streamlining the navigation process and enhancing user engagement by designing a great user interface. It was also important to take into account a seamless cross-platform consistency on desktop and mobile devices for flawless user experience with the integration of the features including dashboard, account settings, orders manager, and meal day editing so that users can e­asily manage their nutritional fitness by using the­ website and app helpful tools.


Action plan

In order to meet our client’s design objectives we started off by thoroughly understanding our client’s expectations and the challenges they were facing via conducting a detailed interview. Then we developed a strategy that lays an emphasis on meticulous research and planning to provide a strong framework for the website and app design. We conduct extensive market research to understand the hierarchical layout and navigation structure of the competitors and identify the accessible demands, major gaps, and target audience. Our goal was to design a user-friendly interface with an eye-pleasing design that is easily navigated with the new features and is accessible for all users. Our mood boarding process included various possible solutions. We designed different wireframing versions for their desktop and mobile app. For our final design we used high-fidelity responsive designs and integrated all new features making sure they are easily navigated and have seamless transition on different devices.

  • Highly responsive design
  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Easy navigation
  • Seamless transition


The result

Our client Eat Fit Food was highly appreciative of our efforts for their website and mobile app design which led to a significant impact on their consumer. The platform has been made user-friendly and easy to navigate, which has enhanced customer participation and a sense of belonging. And successfully promoted an integrated approach to accessibility, sustainability, and health, enabling people to adopt more sustainable lifestyles.

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