Data Collect Traffic Systems Gmbh: 

DataCollect Traffic Systems Gmbh is a leading German organization in providing innovative and cutting-edge traffic analysis and monitoring solutions. From urban planners, and infrastructure developers to city municipalities they were able to cater the diverse needs by optimizing traffic management and planning initiatives for their clients.



Website Design


Project overview

This case study examines how the DataCollect Traffic System developed, used, and benefited from its cutting-edge traffic monitoring and analytics solutions. With a heavy emphasis on traffic management, our client has a need for an all-inclusive system that effortlessly integrates advanced technology in order to give practical data and assist informed decision-making. By having a clear vision of our client’s goal, Techstack Digital’s team aimed to develop a product that can improve safety, optimize traffic flow, and reduce congestion in urban areas. And will lay the groundwork for future advancements in traffic management technology and highlight the importance of intelligent transportation solutions.


Design phase

As the project involved an in-depth analysis of traffic infrastructure, we thoroughly analyzed and designed the system’s UI to meet the unique requirements of the project. The main aspects of our UI design were based on Homepage, Traffic Measurement, Speed Measurement, User task Management, and Portlines Edit. The Homepage design offers centralized location measurements enabling users to easily find the sites where their Argos devices are installed and can initiate new measurements via interactive map feature. Users gain detailed insights on traffic volume through our Traffic management feature which is designed to highlight paths taken by different vehicles through easily understandable visual charts. While the speed measurement provides clear speed analysis to the users with average, minimum, and maximum speed during the sampling period on the right side of the page. To boost user control, User task management allows users to track, pause, and even cancel any ongoing task. To ensure accuracy, Port line edits allow users to change port line annotations directly in the reference image created by the Argos device’s camera. Users can modify the vehicle or pedestrian polygon bounds, prompting repetition with new polygons as applicable. 


Development phase

Argos: Argos is a state-of-the-art system that consists of a field-installed microprocessor (NVidia Jetson) that is positioned to record video footage at intersections and crossroads delivering real-time information about their relative locations. The exclusive Argos software, which was created internally by DataCollect, guarantees precise data analysis and smooth functioning.

Track Counting: Using a combination of Argos’ collected data and a complex analysis, our in-house track-counting software establishes each vehicle’s entry and departure coordinates with respect to the intersection. This cutting-edge DataCollect program defines the crossroad’s bounds using user-defined port lines, making it easier to track and analyze vehicle movements.

Cloud Web App: MyTD2 provides users with a strong web application that is hosted in the cloud and has a variety of formats for its analytical capabilities. An easy-to-use interface allows users to recalibrate tracks produced by the Argos microprocessor and easily modify reference port lines. Using innovative architectural design, the system saves the original tracking data in a highly compressed format, reducing the requirement for video storage. This allows for efficient recounting with new reference port lines without re-analyzing the video.


The result

Our solution is to provide them with an approach to managing traffic, ensuring safety, and promoting environmental sustainability that has been praised significantly. This system’s ability to gather and analyze real-time data has empowered municipal officials to make well-informed decisions. By integrating features that facilitate passenger accessibility, reduce traffic congestion, and enhance the efficiency of traffic flow, we were able to meet the expectations of our client’s goals

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