AutoTrader is an Azerbaijani startup that provides customers in Asia and Africa access to car auctions in the­ U.S. and the Middle East. AutoTrader holds online auctions through CoPart and IAAI where­ they offer old, wholesale­ and repairable vehicle­s to customers worldwide, from individual buyers to major automotive­ companies. AutoTrader offers various service­s to car dealers to help them process and sell repairable­ vehicles online.



Website Design


Project overview

The development process of an automotive company’s website will be explored in this case study. The focus will be on designing, building, and launching a robust website specifically tailored to the unique needs of the automotive auction industry. The primary objective was to create and implement an intuitive platform where visitors seamlessly explore various catalogs and bid for the vehicles which will be facilitated and forwarded to the respective Auction.


Design phase

Our team began the process by designing the UI of the website that is both user-centric and efficient. We focused on facilitating easy navigation for the visitors to find their desired car models and also delivered the relevant information. We achieved this by intuitively combining robust search features with an extensive range of filters that can help users fine-tune their exact searches. Furthermore, our UI design also empowers users to engage in bidding for their chosen vehicles and to get an estimate on custom and shipping costs. To ensure a great user experience for their web application we used hi-fidelity designs to create their Homepage, Search Page, Car details, and bidding page.


Development phase

To build the Auction Scrapper we utilized Python and Scrappy-based subsystems for a seamless experience that systematically extracts data from CoPart and IAAI auction sites. Its primary focus is to gather information on low-damage vehicles that will be auctioned in the course of the coming two weeks. Once the data collection process is done, it will be then rendered according to AutoTrader’s internal data format for flawless integration. Our Technological Stack for Backend and Frontend development included:



Celery and Celery Beat
For managing, scheduling, and concurrent/threaded tasks

Messaging queue solution for Celery worker nodes.

For HTTPS reverse proxies on development computers

Jupyter Notebook
For real-time, comprehensive troubleshooting and testing

Docker and Docker Compose
For networks/pipelines used in development and testing

The main goal of our team was to develop a platform with enhanced features of vehicle listings by providing customers with detailed vehicle data. By focusing on transparency and offering thorough vehicle specifications, we aim to boost confidence among potential buyers, streamline the decision-making process, and increase the chances of successful auctions.


The result

AutoTrader made gre­at pro­gress on key performance­ measures. This led to be­tter user engage­ment, higher conversion rate­s, and happier customers. Our highly intuitive and user-friendly web app resulted in more e­ngaged users, simplified me­nu, clear call-to-action buttons, and advanced search with auto-sugge­st made it easier for use­rs to navigate the site and find spe­cific auction listings. Transparency and trust among potential buyers we­re greatly enhance­d and made­ it easier for customers to make­ decisions, boosting their trust in Auto Trader deals. The­ positive fe­edback from use­rs indicated a rise in consumer satisfaction, confirming the­ success of the website­.

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